Crowd Control is a group of four performers; Jan Hajsok, Gianluca de Pol, Sonja Bonačić & Klara Carev.

Together we perform from 2013. Individually we are on Croatian dance scene from a very young age, but world of circus brought us together. Our performances are customized for INDOOR AND OUTDOOR STAGES and are usually done by at least two people. One of the reasons why our shows are special is because we incorporate all the skills on a professional level. If you want to read ​even more about ABOUT US, CLICK ON THIS LINK FOR OUR SKILLS!

    Jan Hajsok

Crowd Control’s performer, manager, choreographer, technician and association

founder. From the age of 10 I started to develop as a circus performer at my father’s new circus association. Short after I fall in love with break dance and acrobatics and started to combine all of my skills. From then until now I’m performing every chance I get with my unique blend as a perennial breakdancer & acrobat, acrobalancer, fire juggler, cyr wheel spinner, musician and clown. Last 10 years I also do youth education in all of the skills above.

    Gianluca de Pol

Crowd Control’s performer, manager, choreographer, technician and association

founder. A lifelong acrobat with roots in gymnastics, which lead to breakdance-ing and acrobalances, which eventually ended up in a form of new circus. Been rewarded for my efforts in both gymnastics and breakdance on state and national levels, with breakdance even on an international level. Doing performing arts for 17 years with roots in street shows, also on street festivals which lead to national and international theatres and television.

    Sonja Bonačić

Moto:  "Dedication & education!"

Crowd Control’s performer, manager, choreographer and costume designer.

My first dance steps were in childhood at the age of 6. Jazz-ballet techniques and

theatre performances made my stage personality. A lot of collaborations, different teachers and workshops led me to the street styles, contemporary and latin dances. Been rewarded in a lot of competitions as a solo and group dancer. Fell in love with circus right away when i met my Crowd Control crew. All of the learned new skills made me become a real performer. Also I have been a dance teacher and choreographer for 13 years.  

    ​Klara Carev

Moto:  "Strive for balance and stay conscious."

Crowd Control´s performer, choreographer, costume designer and manager. My first steps towards being a performer started at age of 9 with gymnastics. Later on I got attracted to street styles of dance and circus skills. Love towards movement took me to workshops of different dance styles (clubbing, funk, contemporary, etc.) as well as versatile circus and other skills (aerial, fire juggling, acro, etc.) , incorporating learned to my primary forms of expression. Besides competing from a young age, I have been a dance teacher for 10 years and have been helding dance and movement workshops for the last few years. Degree in physiotherapy, studying osteopathy and AEQ metod with experience in performance arts formed my current life motto.